First letter from the MTC

Here are some highlights from Josh’s first email home:

“I miss you so much, my days here seem like months, but i already have a growing knowledge of spanish and it grows daily. it is extremely frustrating but its coming. my companions name is Elder Corry. Our district is awesome , I love everyone in it. Everyone except for me and Elder Corry are going to mexico! they call us the lucky ones because we leave in three weeks.. well almost two now. and we are the only two in our room because of that! our teacher is Hermana Hall.she is awesome and our main teacher, i am overwhelmed with everything but the spirit is so strong here that it keeps me going. I read all your testimonies and thank you so much for them. I cried, but it was a good cry. i thank my heavenly father for all of you every day and know you are thinking of me. The food here is horrible… I was honestly expecting better but I will live. I only threw up once from nerves so everything isn’t so bad 🙂 I love you all and miss you more than anything..”

You can tell from the rest of the letter that Josh is learning and growing and is very enthusiastic about what he is doing. Josh also mentioned that his Pday in the MTC is on Friday. He would love to hear from his family and friends. The best way is to go to (use the link on the home page) and use their MTC letter service. if you use that they will print it off and put it in his box right away!!


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