We have a Visa!!!

We just recieved email#2 from Josh. They are short and sweet, and we still don’t know anymore about Elder Corry, like his first name or where he’s from, but it looks like he is doing well. Here are the highlights:

March 20, 2012
Mom and dad and sister!!! first thing i have to say is my visa came today!!  I am sooooo happy!!!  Thank you so much for your prayers!! I leave april 10 we leave the slc airport at 9:40 a.m. then have a two hour layover in Georgia at 3:25-5:20 We leave Georgia at five twenty and goodbye america. we arrive in lima at 11:05 pm! that next morning will be rough.. I don’t know for sure when i can call I’m guessing i will call in Georgia though… but be ready for early morning also! I miss you guys so much.. thank you for all your letters and the packages!!
 I can already speak spanish decently and am picking it up so fast. I am already on the same level as kids who took spanish for four years. I have taught an investigator since day two ( in all spanish ) and me and elder Corry had an hour long discussion in pure spanish with ” hector ” our investigator on Wednesday. I love you so much dad and am proud to be an ” Elder Fox” just as you were. I thought it was funny that our investigator couldn’t pronounce “fox” so I told him ” Zorro ” and he loved it.
Like I said short and sweet, with some private notes for us. The great news is he will be going to Peru. It is such a relief. Thank you for your prayers. I know they were answered.
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