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Week 2 Moments in Lima CCM


Family, so much to say and no time to say it as usual. I am about to go get on the bus and head to the temple, but let me tell ya about my week :). Every Saturday we get the opportunity to go tract for six hours in Lima City.. it is such an adventure. The most humbling experience of my life. These people literally have nothing.. i mean nothing. Their houses are built right into the mountain, just like all the pictures on the internet. You go into their houses and there are just tons of mice running around. Their rooms are separated with sheets. There are hundreds of dogs running around and it is sorta scary, BUT these are the happiest people you have ever met. They are so kind and loving to us even though they have nothing to be thankful for, (it seems) they are thankful for so much. When they pray then never ask for anything. They just thank their Heavenly Father or their God for the little they do have. I love preaching this gospel, I feel so powerful when I do. On saturday I made this very old woman start to cry when I bore my testimony and I couldn’t help but cry myself. When I preach doctrine or bare my testimony the spanish just flows like a fountain and I don’t even have to think about it. I am so thankful for the help of the spirit and the help of my Heavenly Father to let me bring others unto him. We climbed the mountain so high up that we could see the whole city of Lima from the top. We were climbing stairs that are about an inch wide. Talk about an adventure! It was so beautiful, it was right at sunset. There are tons of dogs at the top of the mountain and they eat out of buckets that are filled with I don’t even know what! But they don’t bite… yet!! So that’s ok. I am thankful to have not seen an arana (spider) yet… knock on wood. The insects here aren’t to bad yet. Random cravings I have had are: Oreos with REAL milk.. the leche just doesn’t do justice to anything. A snow cone…. and a hamburger.. oh and the number one thing DR PEPPER… but that’s ok.. I know this is where I should be. I felt it the second I stepped off the plane. I have a love for this place already that I can not describe. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I miss you guys so much. I think about you every second. You are always in my heart. I bet doing the lawn is just super fun… but I would sorta rather be here 😉 I hope all is well and you guys have a great summer, as I am sure you will. I know mom loves this time of year so much.. I wish I could be there to enjoy this time with you guys. I miss going out to eat with dad, and I miss just talking with my sister.. but I also know you guys support me with all your heart and i am so thankful for that. I have a latin companion and two americans. Elder Corry is still my companion along with  Elder Billy Kerivan. We are with our latin companions all day except when we are learning spanish. Everything here is in spanish though so I tend to pick it up quick. I can’t believe how much I now know. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here in this CCM because I learn so many useful words that I know I would not have learned in Provo. the Latins here are such an inspiration. My companion has such a strong testimony and helps me so much in my life. I can’t wait to be in the field and work all day to bring people unto Christ… less than a month left till that wish comes true. I pray for you daily, many times.I hope you are being blessed. Tell my cousins I love them, and that they should look forward to this time. I am about to go get myself some Inca kola 🙂 so I have to go… but I already have bought some SICK scripture covers and some sick peruvian things. Next Wednesday we get to go buy jerseys.. I love you guys. So much. . . till next week 🙂 les amo!

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Loving Life in Lima

FAMILY, I only have seven minutes to write you because we are late and the are so strict here 😦 . I just got back from lima and yes I have my Inca Cola with me (by the way it is way better here ¨). I got very sick this week.. sicker than i have ever been… and as all the teachers said… “welcome to Peru”. Its ok. Don’t worry. I am better now… but it was terrible. I was up all night puking :(. My compianons full name is Eusebio Palomo. He is amazing! He teaches me so much daily. My roomates are from Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and Utah. I have two companions, a latin and an american. It is such a blessing to be here. Most of these kids are their families main scource of income, yet they still come here to serve. It is such a humbling experience. I just got back from my first Temple session in Spanish. It was amazing! I understood so much! (thanks to the spirit) I can’t wait to go with you guys there. It will be amazing. The food here is very good.. but some of it is very scary. Playing soccer is the funnest thing in the world. There are kids here who have been on semi pro teams and who are amazing, but they love the Americans and I can actually hold my own! Everyone loves everyone here and I love it. It has been in the 80s all week and will be next week as well. Lima is basically a mini Las Vegas. (like with a strip and gambling haha). We rode on a bus today and stood up the whole way. Probably about 50 people in a 20 person bus. No exagerration. We stood up by the peruvian school girls. (I’m sure Taylor has a fond memory of his chilean school girls and dad does of his spanish ones). Dad, you have to go back to Barcelona and go through the temple.. it is amazing. I told my companion that in Utah there are up to 150 people in a session and he about died. He feels the spirit so strongly.. he cries a lot because of the tender feeilng the spirit brings. I honestly love it here. I really do . It has already been the most uplifting experience of my life! I miss you guys so much. Everyone loves to see your pictures and say ” with all respect, your sister is VERY beautiful ” I love them. I am about to go play soccer right now and I can’t wait. Every drink here is a fruit drink and every night we have the “hour of the fruit.”It is a time we all go and eat fresh fruit together and talk. We do it every night at 9. The fruit here is DELICIOUS and fresh. My spanish has improved so much. Like its crazy. I can’t wait to call you and show you how good I am. I hope you know that you guys mean the world to me. Honestly. A day will never go by that I don’t think about you. It is very humid here and a lot of insects. I am just used to ants crawling all over me now and it isn’t a big deal. Everyone is really helpful with the spanish and they love to learn english. They love it. The hardest thing is knowing the latinos leave in two weeks and we have to see them go. They are the biggest blessing in the world. I will miss them with all my heart. I gave one of them extra scripture markers that I had and he cried. He was so thankful. I just want to give them everything I have because they have nothing. I gave some of them quarters and dimes and they were so intrigued. Lima is amazing, the sunsets here are more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. I honestly can’t describe the feeling of joy I have just being here. It is my Disneyland (happiest place on earth 🙂 )

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First email from CCM

Picture of the Peru CCM

Picture of the Peru CCM

We received our first email from Josh after his arrival to the Peru CCM.

Dad, they are letting me email you to let you know I am safe.. and I am :). It is AMAZING here. it reminds me so much of Mexico, and I have a love for this place already. It is so beautiful! Palm trees everywhere and the mist of the ocean. Right now I would guess it’s around 70 to 75 degrees :). I am loving it! My companion is from mexico and speaks pretty good english.. It is exactly the kind of companion that I was praying for. The people here are the nicest people in the entire world!! They love learning english words its pretty funny. They also are very strict with the rules. By that I mean they are very obedient.. a lot different mindset than in Provo. The president here is from America and speaks english.. and that is a blessing. All of us who traveled here are on the same floor and are getting along great. The spirit is so strong here. I have already felt that and it is amazing to me that no matter where you are in the world, you can have the spirit. My flight went perfectly and there were no problems. I am safe and you don’t need to worry. My p day is on Wednesdays, just so you know.. so look forward to Wednesdays.. there isn’t anything I can think of that I will need at this point, but if there is I will let you know for sure. I miss you dad, and can”t wait till you see this place with me. It is beautiful. I am so thankful to be here, I know it is where I am needed. Please tell my sister congratulations on making cheer. That is a huge accomplishment and she will be great. Tell mom I love her and was squeezing her hand on the plane :). I love you guys soooo much!! Oh p.s. the food here is pretty good, I have only had breakfast but it was good.. you have to finish EVERYTHING on your tray here though or else the chefs chew you out.. sorta learned that the hard way hahaha. Also.. I already miss regular milk.. its gonna be a long two years! 🙂 If gas cost the same here as it does in America it would cost about 50 cents a gallon… just for a fun fact of the day.. also they just stop on the side of the road, fill up their cars with gas, and then drive off. They don’t have a gas station.. it’s just pumps on the side of the road… it is very interesting. I miss you and love you guys so much. know i am safe, and am doing well.
Con amor, Elder Fox
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Photos from the Provo MTC.

Josh is now in Lima Peru. We watched his flight on the internet last night, and he arrived safely at 11:04 PM Lima time. (10:04 PM here)

Here are some pictures he sent home from his time in the Provo MTC:

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Peru Visa arrives and Peru here he comes

Thursday April 12th we got an unexpected phone call from Josh. Only two days after his original departure date his Visa arrived and he was told at 7 O’Clock at night he would be leaving at 6 am Friday the 13th. Josh was very excited to go. He was happy he was able to see his friend, Brennen Peterson, in the MTC. He would have missed him by a day if he hadn’t been delayed. There was a bit of frantic communication between us and Josh. He was allowed the one phone call, but then he sent a few emails and we were able to exchange a few last minute details before he left.  This morning Josh called for a few minutes from the Salt Lake Airport. He said that his bags weighed in at 49 pounds and 50 pounds. Exactly at weight limit. 🙂 He said it was hard to say goodbye to the district, but he and Elder Corry were ready to go and happy to be on their way to Peru. We received one final phone call from his stop in Atlanta, He said he was going to enjoy his last moments in the states by finding a good restaurant to eat at, and drink some Dr. Pepper. At 3:30pm Mountain time Josh boarded his flight and flew over the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and left the USA for another 23 months. At 10:15PM tonight he will be in Lima, Peru. Josh said it was weird to think that he had waited his entire life to go to the MTC, and it was strange to think that experience is over. Now he is at the CCM in Lima for 6 more weeks. Please use his address info on the website to contact him. He would greatly appreciate hearing from you all as he starts this new phase of his mission. (By the way, the word for Fox in spanish is Zorro) Tomorrow we’ll post photos from the MTC.

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A set back in Josh’s travel plans

Here is the latest letter from Josh out of the MTC. He was also allowed to call us on Friday April 6th around to discuss the fact that he won’t be traveling to Peru on Tuesday as we all thought. He told us that they had previously received their travel plans and were told they were good to go, but that wasn’t the case. His Visa had not arrived, as we thought, and he will remain at the MTC until it arrives. He said when it does arrive, he will only have about 24 hours notice before he leaves. The plan is to send him and Elder Corry on the next available flight after the Visa arrives. Here is an excerpt from his letter.

“I have to start with some sad info… I will be calling you guys around five o clock tonight.. i don’t know if you will get this before then.. but i am calling to inform you my visa is in fact not here.. they were wrong. we got our travel plans for nothing 😦 we are here until they get here.. and when they get here we will have like a days notice and then be gone.. so just be ready for a call from the airport anytime through the next six weeks.. i guess the lord wants me here at this MTC longer for a reason… To answer some of your questions my district is super close. we all love each other,. some things we do are play horse every night, mess up spanish together go get food from the vending machines nightly while we mess around with other districts. Our district is awesome. we have a shirt that we each wear on p day that says ” party like its your p day” and its pretty sweet. On the back it says ” do it in spanish”. To be honest i am starting to love it here, and im starting to get more accustomed to the food… i think it was just a lot of nerves at first. I have pictures but i don’t know how to send them… our teachers are Hermana Hall and Hermano Hardy.. I love them both and they teach me so much. I am learning like crazy!!! I can have full out conversations now and it is unbelievable. i know i couldn’t be this far without the lord.  For right now i am not aware of anything i really am desperate of.. but i love receiving your packages and please tell Andrea and their family i am not friends with David Archeleta but yes i see him all the time.. He looks a lot different than he does on the television.. it is pretty funny. This week has been good and i don’t feel sick at all anymore.. i am loving every email and package.”

As mentioned before, we did get a phone call after this email to review where we go from here. Josh sound’s very enthusiastic but asks we pray for his Visa to arrive. Please keep that in your prayers. We also now know his companions first name! He is Elder Andrew Corry and he is from Kanab, UT. Josh loves all the letters and packages you all have been sending. Thank you so much for that.

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