A set back in Josh’s travel plans

Here is the latest letter from Josh out of the MTC. He was also allowed to call us on Friday April 6th around to discuss the fact that he won’t be traveling to Peru on Tuesday as we all thought. He told us that they had previously received their travel plans and were told they were good to go, but that wasn’t the case. His Visa had not arrived, as we thought, and he will remain at the MTC until it arrives. He said when it does arrive, he will only have about 24 hours notice before he leaves. The plan is to send him and Elder Corry on the next available flight after the Visa arrives. Here is an excerpt from his letter.

“I have to start with some sad info… I will be calling you guys around five o clock tonight.. i don’t know if you will get this before then.. but i am calling to inform you my visa is in fact not here.. they were wrong. we got our travel plans for nothing 😦 we are here until they get here.. and when they get here we will have like a days notice and then be gone.. so just be ready for a call from the airport anytime through the next six weeks.. i guess the lord wants me here at this MTC longer for a reason… To answer some of your questions my district is super close. we all love each other,. some things we do are play horse every night, mess up spanish together go get food from the vending machines nightly while we mess around with other districts. Our district is awesome. we have a shirt that we each wear on p day that says ” party like its your p day” and its pretty sweet. On the back it says ” do it in spanish”. To be honest i am starting to love it here, and im starting to get more accustomed to the food… i think it was just a lot of nerves at first. I have pictures but i don’t know how to send them… our teachers are Hermana Hall and Hermano Hardy.. I love them both and they teach me so much. I am learning like crazy!!! I can have full out conversations now and it is unbelievable. i know i couldn’t be this far without the lord.  For right now i am not aware of anything i really am desperate of.. but i love receiving your packages and please tell Andrea and their family i am not friends with David Archeleta but yes i see him all the time.. He looks a lot different than he does on the television.. it is pretty funny. This week has been good and i don’t feel sick at all anymore.. i am loving every email and package.”

As mentioned before, we did get a phone call after this email to review where we go from here. Josh sound’s very enthusiastic but asks we pray for his Visa to arrive. Please keep that in your prayers. We also now know his companions first name! He is Elder Andrew Corry and he is from Kanab, UT. Josh loves all the letters and packages you all have been sending. Thank you so much for that.

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