Peru Visa arrives and Peru here he comes

Thursday April 12th we got an unexpected phone call from Josh. Only two days after his original departure date his Visa arrived and he was told at 7 O’Clock at night he would be leaving at 6 am Friday the 13th. Josh was very excited to go. He was happy he was able to see his friend, Brennen Peterson, in the MTC. He would have missed him by a day if he hadn’t been delayed. There was a bit of frantic communication between us and Josh. He was allowed the one phone call, but then he sent a few emails and we were able to exchange a few last minute details before he left.  This morning Josh called for a few minutes from the Salt Lake Airport. He said that his bags weighed in at 49 pounds and 50 pounds. Exactly at weight limit. 🙂 He said it was hard to say goodbye to the district, but he and Elder Corry were ready to go and happy to be on their way to Peru. We received one final phone call from his stop in Atlanta, He said he was going to enjoy his last moments in the states by finding a good restaurant to eat at, and drink some Dr. Pepper. At 3:30pm Mountain time Josh boarded his flight and flew over the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and left the USA for another 23 months. At 10:15PM tonight he will be in Lima, Peru. Josh said it was weird to think that he had waited his entire life to go to the MTC, and it was strange to think that experience is over. Now he is at the CCM in Lima for 6 more weeks. Please use his address info on the website to contact him. He would greatly appreciate hearing from you all as he starts this new phase of his mission. (By the way, the word for Fox in spanish is Zorro) Tomorrow we’ll post photos from the MTC.

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