First email from CCM

Picture of the Peru CCM

Picture of the Peru CCM

We received our first email from Josh after his arrival to the Peru CCM.

Dad, they are letting me email you to let you know I am safe.. and I am :). It is AMAZING here. it reminds me so much of Mexico, and I have a love for this place already. It is so beautiful! Palm trees everywhere and the mist of the ocean. Right now I would guess it’s around 70 to 75 degrees :). I am loving it! My companion is from mexico and speaks pretty good english.. It is exactly the kind of companion that I was praying for. The people here are the nicest people in the entire world!! They love learning english words its pretty funny. They also are very strict with the rules. By that I mean they are very obedient.. a lot different mindset than in Provo. The president here is from America and speaks english.. and that is a blessing. All of us who traveled here are on the same floor and are getting along great. The spirit is so strong here. I have already felt that and it is amazing to me that no matter where you are in the world, you can have the spirit. My flight went perfectly and there were no problems. I am safe and you don’t need to worry. My p day is on Wednesdays, just so you know.. so look forward to Wednesdays.. there isn’t anything I can think of that I will need at this point, but if there is I will let you know for sure. I miss you dad, and can”t wait till you see this place with me. It is beautiful. I am so thankful to be here, I know it is where I am needed. Please tell my sister congratulations on making cheer. That is a huge accomplishment and she will be great. Tell mom I love her and was squeezing her hand on the plane :). I love you guys soooo much!! Oh p.s. the food here is pretty good, I have only had breakfast but it was good.. you have to finish EVERYTHING on your tray here though or else the chefs chew you out.. sorta learned that the hard way hahaha. Also.. I already miss regular milk.. its gonna be a long two years! 🙂 If gas cost the same here as it does in America it would cost about 50 cents a gallon… just for a fun fact of the day.. also they just stop on the side of the road, fill up their cars with gas, and then drive off. They don’t have a gas station.. it’s just pumps on the side of the road… it is very interesting. I miss you and love you guys so much. know i am safe, and am doing well.
Con amor, Elder Fox
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