Loving Life in Lima

FAMILY, I only have seven minutes to write you because we are late and the are so strict here 😦 . I just got back from lima and yes I have my Inca Cola with me (by the way it is way better here ¨). I got very sick this week.. sicker than i have ever been… and as all the teachers said… “welcome to Peru”. Its ok. Don’t worry. I am better now… but it was terrible. I was up all night puking :(. My compianons full name is Eusebio Palomo. He is amazing! He teaches me so much daily. My roomates are from Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and Utah. I have two companions, a latin and an american. It is such a blessing to be here. Most of these kids are their families main scource of income, yet they still come here to serve. It is such a humbling experience. I just got back from my first Temple session in Spanish. It was amazing! I understood so much! (thanks to the spirit) I can’t wait to go with you guys there. It will be amazing. The food here is very good.. but some of it is very scary. Playing soccer is the funnest thing in the world. There are kids here who have been on semi pro teams and who are amazing, but they love the Americans and I can actually hold my own! Everyone loves everyone here and I love it. It has been in the 80s all week and will be next week as well. Lima is basically a mini Las Vegas. (like with a strip and gambling haha). We rode on a bus today and stood up the whole way. Probably about 50 people in a 20 person bus. No exagerration. We stood up by the peruvian school girls. (I’m sure Taylor has a fond memory of his chilean school girls and dad does of his spanish ones). Dad, you have to go back to Barcelona and go through the temple.. it is amazing. I told my companion that in Utah there are up to 150 people in a session and he about died. He feels the spirit so strongly.. he cries a lot because of the tender feeilng the spirit brings. I honestly love it here. I really do . It has already been the most uplifting experience of my life! I miss you guys so much. Everyone loves to see your pictures and say ” with all respect, your sister is VERY beautiful ” I love them. I am about to go play soccer right now and I can’t wait. Every drink here is a fruit drink and every night we have the “hour of the fruit.”It is a time we all go and eat fresh fruit together and talk. We do it every night at 9. The fruit here is DELICIOUS and fresh. My spanish has improved so much. Like its crazy. I can’t wait to call you and show you how good I am. I hope you know that you guys mean the world to me. Honestly. A day will never go by that I don’t think about you. It is very humid here and a lot of insects. I am just used to ants crawling all over me now and it isn’t a big deal. Everyone is really helpful with the spanish and they love to learn english. They love it. The hardest thing is knowing the latinos leave in two weeks and we have to see them go. They are the biggest blessing in the world. I will miss them with all my heart. I gave one of them extra scripture markers that I had and he cried. He was so thankful. I just want to give them everything I have because they have nothing. I gave some of them quarters and dimes and they were so intrigued. Lima is amazing, the sunsets here are more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. I honestly can’t describe the feeling of joy I have just being here. It is my Disneyland (happiest place on earth 🙂 )

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