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Paucarbamba, Haunuco (Peru)

Fam Bam, I am in my first area.. and so excited it is called Háunuco.. (I think that is how you spell it..) the area is Paucarbamba.. everyone says it is the most sought after zone in the mission.. It took nine hours by bus to get here.. I felt as though i was in a movie.. first we drove out of Lima.. high high high up into the mountains.. because  eventually we had to go down the other side of the mountain.. we went through crazy tunnels burrowed out through the mountains. In the morning there were clouds that we drove through.. eventually we passed through the selva.. wich is just a thick jungle. and now I am here. It was so crazy. Like you can´t even imagine. It was like a movie. It is a solid 70-80 every day.. and it is winter!! we have some selva.. but mountains also. It is so cool. The people here are really receptive. Our goal is one baptism per week. We already have one this Saturday., the people are so open to the message here in Peru. in February our mission alone had 250 baptisms.. crazy. crazy. crazy. My new companion is de Argentina. His name is Elder Morales. I will probably gain an accent for a bit.. he is super nice and super patient. He is 21 and he has 14 months in the mission and is super funny. Our day with the President was awesome, we got Dunkin Doughnuts and pizza.. and then hit the bus. All my MTC buddies are in different areas but I know I will see them throughout the mission and I am thankful for that. I can´t believe I am finally here. It is so real. I am about to go meet with Anell.. who is getting baptized this Saturday.. and then I am meeting with Liliano.. who we want to asked to be baptized the ninth of june.. pray for me 🙂 my Pinchanista is awesome.. yes she does my clothes and makes us food. Every day is juice with chicken and rice..My shower is decently hot which I was very happy about. Everything just seems so real. Here in Huanuco they only have taxitos.. which are really small taxis.. on p day I will try to get a pic with one.. Monday is p day by the way for the rest of the mission.. so monday I can write again..-. but anyways it is the only zone in the mission where you are allowed to ride in these small cars.. loco, but awesome. I had to ride in one from the bus stop.. they strapped my two huge suitcases on the top — they are bigger than the car. no joke. it was so crazy. ahhh I am just so happy to be here and to be able to bring others this gospel. I learn so much every day and am so thankful to be here. I love you guys so much. I hope you have a fabulous summer.. I will have a fabulous winter.. no worries 🙂 love you.

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Last Week in CCM

Elder Fox

Dad, this week nothing really significant happened, nothing great , nothing bad.. Just the normal. I am very excited to leave though, that is for sure. Today we had to go to immagration and we were there for about four hours.. a lot of spanish that i didn’t understand but I made it through. I can´t believe my MTC experience is almost done.. the next time I write you will be from the field. Don´t worry about me though.. I promise I am doing great. I love your advice and appreciate it so much.. Keep it coming please. Also, please remember how much I love you.. and have fun mowing the lawn this summer! 😉 .. (sorry i had to.. the fact you bought a new lawn mower gives me the oppurtunity to make fun of you..)

Mom : I hope I can call you this week or next.. that would be such a blessing!! I miss you like crazy and am sorry Mothers day was hard.. it was hard for me also… but just think… only one more!! That is crazy talk.. you will probably be very happy to find out that yes I have used my piano skills here.. I think I am the only one in the country of Peru who knows how to play. I play at every sacrament, every musical number, and every devotional.. so about 15 times a week… I love himno 88 the best– it isn´t in english but it is super cool.. you should look it up.. I was also wondering if you guys could send me pics more often.. that would be awesome. I love receiving them.. maybe of the cousins and stuff too after the bbq? I am enjoying my last warm showers because I hear in the field it is ice cold.. can´t wait to come home to a warm shower. Mom you are such a good example of how to raise a family.. going to the zoo with the kids sounds like it was way fun.. they are so lucky to have you.. I love you so much and please keep emailing me and letting me know how everything is. I love you with all my heart and love your awesome quotes you send me.. te amo madre… mucho mucho mucho. extrano usted mas que palabras puedan explicar. con toda de mi corazon..

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Pics of Josh from Lima

Hey fam bam 🙂 So many experiences I want to share this week.. First off to my mother.. I won’t be able to call this Sunday and I am sorry.. the rumor is I will be able to call when I get to the field march 21.. or 22.. we will see. I can´t believe I only write home one more time and then by the next p day I will be in the field. I am sooo excited. also I wrote each of you letters, hand written and they come pick those up on monday. and then it will take about a week from monday to get to you.. Mom, your mothers day letter is one of them.. sorry it will be so late. This week I was part of an earthquake!! one of the craziest experiences ever.. I have never quite felt a sensation like that before.. it was like my whole body was vibrating.. pretty cool. some stuff fell over, I was in class.. we got under the desks.. the teacher told us it was normal for Lima east to have earthquakes.. hahaha. don´t worry mom I am ok. The water here at the MTC is filtered but when I leave yes I will have to always drink out of my water bottle. The temp here is still amazing solid 70-80 every day.. loving it. my new companion is from mexico and his name is Elder Rodriguez. I will learn his first name so I can send it next week.. he is a great kid and I am surprised at how much we can talk about. the spanish truly is flowing. I think so often about the day when me mom and dad will be able to talk for hours. I am glad you guys have had a great week, I also have. we get to go proselyte on saturday and I can´t wait. probably my favorite thing ever.. the avengers and hunger games both are already out? Now I just have to endure the pains of Batman and the Hobbit.. but hey, those movies aren´t as cool as Peru. I can guarantee that, this place is a wonderland of adventure.. honestly. this experience has already been amazing. I hope you guys think of me this mothers day as I will think of you.. Dad wear a green tie and I will also.. it can be our mothers day thing.. actually you don’t have green… let’s do blue. blue tie. I love you guys so much, I hope you all enjoy the summer a ton. I am going to try to attach pictures to this.. I hope it works…

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Jonathon and a Tour of Lima

Family. I miss you and love you so much. I first want to tell you about the most spiritual experience I have yet had in my life. Saturday we went proceliting.. or however you spell it.. and me and Elder Palomo were knocking doors.People would let us in and talk, but we weren’t getting anywhere with people really. We were leaving a house and there was a man in the street his name is Jonathon.. Jonathon came up to us, asked us about who we were and we began to tell him and tell him of our message.He was so excited and asked us to walk him to his house so we could share it with his family. He exclaimed “I have been waiting for this my entire life ” we proceeded to his house(which was the size of my room.. actually smaller). His door is a curtain and he has six people living there. Him,his wife, and four kids. We entered and his wife was in the kitchen he then told her who we were and she was eager to come listen. We ended up talking for an hour and a half with them about how their family can be together forever.We gave them a Book of Mormon and they committed to read it.They went to church on sunday and are meeting the missionaries in the area this week. Jonathon was crying the entire time..He kept saying he wished his mom ( who lived down the street) could be there to hear.Now, the most amazing part of this story is that when we were about to leave.. his mother showed up at their house. Me, Elder Palomo and Jonathon had tears in our eyes when she came.. We then shared the message with her and she felt it was right. I am very envious of the missionaries who now will get to baptize this family. I know with all my heart they will be. It was the most amazing experience of my life.I am so thankful for the gift of tounges. I am so thankful for this gospel. I have never felt joy like this in my life, the joy of bringing someone else true happiness. I am so blessed to be able to do this for twenty two and a half more months.. it is the most amazing thing in the world.

Today we got our tour of Lima. I bought an awesome satchel, and a sick Brazil outfit ( soccer ) yellow shirt with the blue and yellow shorts. We got to go to pizza hut.. which was truly amazing after eating this food the whole time.. We also went to a museum which had tons of ancient artifacts from the Incans.. very very cool. I have tons of pics and can’t wait to send you them. All the Latins left yesterday.. and now I have a new companion. I am very sad because I loved Elder Palomo so much.. but its ok. His last words to me in his broken english were ” I will see you again, we have promise ” .I can’t believe in three weeks I will be in the actual field!! I am so excited for that opportunity. Sometimes I forgot it isn’t really normal to be walking down the street lined with palm trees.. or to see stray dogs walking around.. oh ya and lets not forget their crazy driving.. mom you will DIE when you come here. I learned how to tie an AWESOME tie.. it is sooo cool. I will send pics later with it.. a latin taught me it.. he called it the ambassador tie ?? Its very cool.Thank you for sharing your emails with me. Please keep sending them. Love you all. Hasta Luego

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