Pics of Josh from Lima

Hey fam bam 🙂 So many experiences I want to share this week.. First off to my mother.. I won’t be able to call this Sunday and I am sorry.. the rumor is I will be able to call when I get to the field march 21.. or 22.. we will see. I can´t believe I only write home one more time and then by the next p day I will be in the field. I am sooo excited. also I wrote each of you letters, hand written and they come pick those up on monday. and then it will take about a week from monday to get to you.. Mom, your mothers day letter is one of them.. sorry it will be so late. This week I was part of an earthquake!! one of the craziest experiences ever.. I have never quite felt a sensation like that before.. it was like my whole body was vibrating.. pretty cool. some stuff fell over, I was in class.. we got under the desks.. the teacher told us it was normal for Lima east to have earthquakes.. hahaha. don´t worry mom I am ok. The water here at the MTC is filtered but when I leave yes I will have to always drink out of my water bottle. The temp here is still amazing solid 70-80 every day.. loving it. my new companion is from mexico and his name is Elder Rodriguez. I will learn his first name so I can send it next week.. he is a great kid and I am surprised at how much we can talk about. the spanish truly is flowing. I think so often about the day when me mom and dad will be able to talk for hours. I am glad you guys have had a great week, I also have. we get to go proselyte on saturday and I can´t wait. probably my favorite thing ever.. the avengers and hunger games both are already out? Now I just have to endure the pains of Batman and the Hobbit.. but hey, those movies aren´t as cool as Peru. I can guarantee that, this place is a wonderland of adventure.. honestly. this experience has already been amazing. I hope you guys think of me this mothers day as I will think of you.. Dad wear a green tie and I will also.. it can be our mothers day thing.. actually you don’t have green… let’s do blue. blue tie. I love you guys so much, I hope you all enjoy the summer a ton. I am going to try to attach pictures to this.. I hope it works…

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