Last Week in CCM

Elder Fox

Dad, this week nothing really significant happened, nothing great , nothing bad.. Just the normal. I am very excited to leave though, that is for sure. Today we had to go to immagration and we were there for about four hours.. a lot of spanish that i didn’t understand but I made it through. I can´t believe my MTC experience is almost done.. the next time I write you will be from the field. Don´t worry about me though.. I promise I am doing great. I love your advice and appreciate it so much.. Keep it coming please. Also, please remember how much I love you.. and have fun mowing the lawn this summer! 😉 .. (sorry i had to.. the fact you bought a new lawn mower gives me the oppurtunity to make fun of you..)

Mom : I hope I can call you this week or next.. that would be such a blessing!! I miss you like crazy and am sorry Mothers day was hard.. it was hard for me also… but just think… only one more!! That is crazy talk.. you will probably be very happy to find out that yes I have used my piano skills here.. I think I am the only one in the country of Peru who knows how to play. I play at every sacrament, every musical number, and every devotional.. so about 15 times a week… I love himno 88 the best– it isn´t in english but it is super cool.. you should look it up.. I was also wondering if you guys could send me pics more often.. that would be awesome. I love receiving them.. maybe of the cousins and stuff too after the bbq? I am enjoying my last warm showers because I hear in the field it is ice cold.. can´t wait to come home to a warm shower. Mom you are such a good example of how to raise a family.. going to the zoo with the kids sounds like it was way fun.. they are so lucky to have you.. I love you so much and please keep emailing me and letting me know how everything is. I love you with all my heart and love your awesome quotes you send me.. te amo madre… mucho mucho mucho. extrano usted mas que palabras puedan explicar. con toda de mi corazon..

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