Paucarbamba, Haunuco (Peru)

Fam Bam, I am in my first area.. and so excited it is called Háunuco.. (I think that is how you spell it..) the area is Paucarbamba.. everyone says it is the most sought after zone in the mission.. It took nine hours by bus to get here.. I felt as though i was in a movie.. first we drove out of Lima.. high high high up into the mountains.. because  eventually we had to go down the other side of the mountain.. we went through crazy tunnels burrowed out through the mountains. In the morning there were clouds that we drove through.. eventually we passed through the selva.. wich is just a thick jungle. and now I am here. It was so crazy. Like you can´t even imagine. It was like a movie. It is a solid 70-80 every day.. and it is winter!! we have some selva.. but mountains also. It is so cool. The people here are really receptive. Our goal is one baptism per week. We already have one this Saturday., the people are so open to the message here in Peru. in February our mission alone had 250 baptisms.. crazy. crazy. crazy. My new companion is de Argentina. His name is Elder Morales. I will probably gain an accent for a bit.. he is super nice and super patient. He is 21 and he has 14 months in the mission and is super funny. Our day with the President was awesome, we got Dunkin Doughnuts and pizza.. and then hit the bus. All my MTC buddies are in different areas but I know I will see them throughout the mission and I am thankful for that. I can´t believe I am finally here. It is so real. I am about to go meet with Anell.. who is getting baptized this Saturday.. and then I am meeting with Liliano.. who we want to asked to be baptized the ninth of june.. pray for me 🙂 my Pinchanista is awesome.. yes she does my clothes and makes us food. Every day is juice with chicken and rice..My shower is decently hot which I was very happy about. Everything just seems so real. Here in Huanuco they only have taxitos.. which are really small taxis.. on p day I will try to get a pic with one.. Monday is p day by the way for the rest of the mission.. so monday I can write again..-. but anyways it is the only zone in the mission where you are allowed to ride in these small cars.. loco, but awesome. I had to ride in one from the bus stop.. they strapped my two huge suitcases on the top — they are bigger than the car. no joke. it was so crazy. ahhh I am just so happy to be here and to be able to bring others this gospel. I learn so much every day and am so thankful to be here. I love you guys so much. I hope you have a fabulous summer.. I will have a fabulous winter.. no worries 🙂 love you.

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