First Days and MTC

Photos from the Provo MTC.

Josh is now in Lima Peru. We watched his flight on the internet last night, and he arrived safely at 11:04 PM Lima time. (10:04 PM here)

Here are some pictures he sent home from his time in the Provo MTC:

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Peru Visa arrives and Peru here he comes

Thursday April 12th we got an unexpected phone call from Josh. Only two days after his original departure date his Visa arrived and he was told at 7 O’Clock at night he would be leaving at 6 am Friday the 13th. Josh was very excited to go. He was happy he was able to see his friend, Brennen Peterson, in the MTC. He would have missed him by a day if he hadn’t been delayed. There was a bit of frantic communication between us and Josh. He was allowed the one phone call, but then he sent a few emails and we were able to exchange a few last minute details before he left.  This morning Josh called for a few minutes from the Salt Lake Airport. He said that his bags weighed in at 49 pounds and 50 pounds. Exactly at weight limit. 🙂 He said it was hard to say goodbye to the district, but he and Elder Corry were ready to go and happy to be on their way to Peru. We received one final phone call from his stop in Atlanta, He said he was going to enjoy his last moments in the states by finding a good restaurant to eat at, and drink some Dr. Pepper. At 3:30pm Mountain time Josh boarded his flight and flew over the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and left the USA for another 23 months. At 10:15PM tonight he will be in Lima, Peru. Josh said it was weird to think that he had waited his entire life to go to the MTC, and it was strange to think that experience is over. Now he is at the CCM in Lima for 6 more weeks. Please use his address info on the website to contact him. He would greatly appreciate hearing from you all as he starts this new phase of his mission. (By the way, the word for Fox in spanish is Zorro) Tomorrow we’ll post photos from the MTC.

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A set back in Josh’s travel plans

Here is the latest letter from Josh out of the MTC. He was also allowed to call us on Friday April 6th around to discuss the fact that he won’t be traveling to Peru on Tuesday as we all thought. He told us that they had previously received their travel plans and were told they were good to go, but that wasn’t the case. His Visa had not arrived, as we thought, and he will remain at the MTC until it arrives. He said when it does arrive, he will only have about 24 hours notice before he leaves. The plan is to send him and Elder Corry on the next available flight after the Visa arrives. Here is an excerpt from his letter.

“I have to start with some sad info… I will be calling you guys around five o clock tonight.. i don’t know if you will get this before then.. but i am calling to inform you my visa is in fact not here.. they were wrong. we got our travel plans for nothing 😦 we are here until they get here.. and when they get here we will have like a days notice and then be gone.. so just be ready for a call from the airport anytime through the next six weeks.. i guess the lord wants me here at this MTC longer for a reason… To answer some of your questions my district is super close. we all love each other,. some things we do are play horse every night, mess up spanish together go get food from the vending machines nightly while we mess around with other districts. Our district is awesome. we have a shirt that we each wear on p day that says ” party like its your p day” and its pretty sweet. On the back it says ” do it in spanish”. To be honest i am starting to love it here, and im starting to get more accustomed to the food… i think it was just a lot of nerves at first. I have pictures but i don’t know how to send them… our teachers are Hermana Hall and Hermano Hardy.. I love them both and they teach me so much. I am learning like crazy!!! I can have full out conversations now and it is unbelievable. i know i couldn’t be this far without the lord.  For right now i am not aware of anything i really am desperate of.. but i love receiving your packages and please tell Andrea and their family i am not friends with David Archeleta but yes i see him all the time.. He looks a lot different than he does on the television.. it is pretty funny. This week has been good and i don’t feel sick at all anymore.. i am loving every email and package.”

As mentioned before, we did get a phone call after this email to review where we go from here. Josh sound’s very enthusiastic but asks we pray for his Visa to arrive. Please keep that in your prayers. We also now know his companions first name! He is Elder Andrew Corry and he is from Kanab, UT. Josh loves all the letters and packages you all have been sending. Thank you so much for that.

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We have a Visa!!!

We just recieved email#2 from Josh. They are short and sweet, and we still don’t know anymore about Elder Corry, like his first name or where he’s from, but it looks like he is doing well. Here are the highlights:

March 20, 2012
Mom and dad and sister!!! first thing i have to say is my visa came today!!  I am sooooo happy!!!  Thank you so much for your prayers!! I leave april 10 we leave the slc airport at 9:40 a.m. then have a two hour layover in Georgia at 3:25-5:20 We leave Georgia at five twenty and goodbye america. we arrive in lima at 11:05 pm! that next morning will be rough.. I don’t know for sure when i can call I’m guessing i will call in Georgia though… but be ready for early morning also! I miss you guys so much.. thank you for all your letters and the packages!!
 I can already speak spanish decently and am picking it up so fast. I am already on the same level as kids who took spanish for four years. I have taught an investigator since day two ( in all spanish ) and me and elder Corry had an hour long discussion in pure spanish with ” hector ” our investigator on Wednesday. I love you so much dad and am proud to be an ” Elder Fox” just as you were. I thought it was funny that our investigator couldn’t pronounce “fox” so I told him ” Zorro ” and he loved it.
Like I said short and sweet, with some private notes for us. The great news is he will be going to Peru. It is such a relief. Thank you for your prayers. I know they were answered.
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First letter from the MTC

Here are some highlights from Josh’s first email home:

“I miss you so much, my days here seem like months, but i already have a growing knowledge of spanish and it grows daily. it is extremely frustrating but its coming. my companions name is Elder Corry. Our district is awesome , I love everyone in it. Everyone except for me and Elder Corry are going to mexico! they call us the lucky ones because we leave in three weeks.. well almost two now. and we are the only two in our room because of that! our teacher is Hermana Hall.she is awesome and our main teacher, i am overwhelmed with everything but the spirit is so strong here that it keeps me going. I read all your testimonies and thank you so much for them. I cried, but it was a good cry. i thank my heavenly father for all of you every day and know you are thinking of me. The food here is horrible… I was honestly expecting better but I will live. I only threw up once from nerves so everything isn’t so bad 🙂 I love you all and miss you more than anything..”

You can tell from the rest of the letter that Josh is learning and growing and is very enthusiastic about what he is doing. Josh also mentioned that his Pday in the MTC is on Friday. He would love to hear from his family and friends. The best way is to go to (use the link on the home page) and use their MTC letter service. if you use that they will print it off and put it in his box right away!!


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MTC Drop Off

March 21st at 12:40 PM we dropped Josh off at the MTC. We had a nice morning with just our family. We went to lunch in Provo, though Josh didn’t eat a thing. later we went and took pictures in front of the Provo temple and then dropped him off. We will miss him, but couldn’t be prouder of him than we are today. Here are some photos from today. WE LOVE YOU ELDER FOX!!

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Final Goodbyes

Tuesday night we had a group of Josh’s friends over until 1:30am. They had lots of laughs and told lots of stories to send Josh off on his way. many of these young men will be entering the mission field themselves over the next few months. We wish them well. We are so happy they have been such an important part of Josh’s life.

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March 20th setting apart

March 2oth at 8:30 Pm Josh became Elder Fox and officially begins his full time mission. We are so grateful for the family that came and supported Josh. President Checkets of the Holmes Creek Stake set Josh apart and gave him a wonderful blessing. We all felt a good spirit and are very excited for Elder Fox.

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Farewell Openhouse 3-18

Josh did a fantastic job with his farewell address. After sacrament we invited family and friends over for a Sunday brunch. We greatly appreciate all the support. Josh is truly blessed to have so many great friends in his life. Here are photos from the event. Double click on the thumbnails to see the slideshow. 🙂

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19 years and it’s finaly here!!

Elder Josh FoxElder Josh Fox will enter the MTC on March 21st to serve as a full time missionary in the Peru, Lima East Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are very excited for him and know he will be an outstanding missionary for the church. His farewell talk will be on Sunday, March 18th.

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